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Solar home appliances, power supplies

Though large parts of less developed countries like India do not have a regular supply of electricity, it remains difficult to find suitable solar products for home and small office use. Solar water heaters appear to be the most popular solar product available for sale and a large number of hotels, lodges and other buildings have them installed. However finding a supplier of a solar powerbank for a mobile or laptop can be time consuming and expensive. Some of the chinese powerbank available in India are malfunctioning after being used for a few days, and there is no after sales service available.

Though the power consumed by laptops is very less, far less than a refrigerator, oven or geyser, ntro officials trying to extort money, and quick to harass paypal account holders working at home, saying that they are not paying the commercial rate for electricity. However these greedy fraud officials are ignoring the many women who make a living cooking from home, who use electrical appliances like the refrigerator, microwave oven, mixer, grinder, baking oven, cooking range, induction heater, which consume far more electricity compared to a laptop.

However to avoid the persecution of the ntro officials, it is advisable to spend some time and research the suppliers of solar products, especially solar inverters suitable for home use. In magazines for electronic products, like electronics for you, there are many companies advertising solar inverters. However most of these companies are not supplying a suitable solar panel with the solar inverter. So there is always a risk that the solar panel will not be compatible with the solar inverter. So before placing an order for a solar inverter, it is advisable to check the specifications in detail, the power input/output, connector configuration.

Some of the suppliers of solar inverters, UPS are:
Elektro Power Systems
Srishti Electronics
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