We are here to maximize the success of the companies from our portfolio.
We work to address immediate needs while simultaneously developing long-term programs that will boost up crypto-businesses' capital, human resources, and market share.
Our Portfolio
About us
We work with early-stage startups solving meaningful problems—and help founders turn great ideas into market disruption at scale.
Who we are?
Solar Core Capital is an institution based on decentralised financial market, supporting blockchain start-up companies in multiple ways including funds, technology, operation, marketing and more, to lead them to a long-term organic growth. Our investment philosophy is that vision leads to revenue, it is our aim to grow together with preeminent companies and projects. We shall witness together the revolutions of blockchain world and reach the glorious shore longing for.
We aim to provide capital, skills, and critical resources to rising projects and teams through our investments. By leveraging our talented network of traders, developers, marketers and analysts, Solar Core brings strategic value and long-term support to our partners.
Our vision is to benefit the economy with next-gen companies and bring the humanity a new era of technological breakthrough. Our efforts focus on community’s adoption, development solutions and marketing expertise support on all levels to accompany blockchain initiatives succeed.
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Twitter: solarcoreorg
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